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How is Owler different than other data providers?
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Owler is the worlds largest community-based database in the world with over 5 million active users. Rather than using typical crawling and or scale based metrics to make an educated guess as to the correct data surrounding private companies, we offer the ability for our users to answer questions about companies in real time. 


We receive over 500,000 updates to our database each month keeping our data relevant, updated, and clean. 



Most importantly, we actually allow you to update your own data as a free Owler Basic member if you feel it is wrong. Just click the 'Update Profile' button on each private company profile to submit changes like new logos, addresses, CEOs, Blogs, and more. You can also quickly confirm or update a company's revenue or employee count next to each estimate on the company's profile page. 

Learn more about updating your company data here!

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