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How do I make edits to a profile?
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The company profiles on Owler can be updated by any community member, and no profile is owned by or attributed to any individual or company. In this sense, Owler works very much like Wikipedia.


To edit a company's profile on Owler, first sign up for either an Owler Community, Owler Pro, or Owler Max account. 


Once signed up, the way to make updates is to visit the profile page of the company you'd like to update, then click the button in the top right that says "Update this Profile"



There you'll be able to update all the fields of data we have about a company.


Most changes will show up for you immediately or upon refresh, and will show up for the broader Owler community immediately within a short period of time. Our team and others in the community will verify the information you've submitted for accuracy and if found to be in error, changes will be reverted. Any members found to be abusing the system will be blocked from further contributions and potentially from using Owler entirely. 

Some information provided, like revenue and employee figures, go into an aggregate of other community member's estimates as well, so your changes might only move the number slightly. Your input might be weighted more heavily if you provide a source (news article, press release, PPT doc) 


We can also update annual revenue amounts or employee numbers on the back end if you have specific and verified information (such as you're the CEO or CMO, etc.) and would like to have your information be reflected immediately - simply log a ticket and we can assist! 


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