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Why is my Blog not showing on your website?
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In order for your blog to show up on your company profile, we need your RSS feed. Adding your RSS feed will also allow your blog posts to be picked up and eligible to show up in the Daily Snapshot for users who follow your company. The RSS standardizes the way we automatically pull in blog data. Once we have it, it should pull in all blog articles in the feed from at least the last 30 days within 24-48 hours. 

Your RSS feed should look like like this. It is a well-formed XML document. You can also run your feed link through this validator to see if there are any errors:

This validator is the closest one to our crawler, so things need to be in order there in order for us to parse it correctly!


You can enter your Blog RSS feed by clicking 'Update this Profile',




Clicking 'Social Links'




and adding it to Blog RSS




You will need to check 'Unable To Find' on any blank social links in order to save your data. Once saved, our team will review prior to including the feed on your company profile. 

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