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How long until my blog appears in a Snapshot?

It usually takes about 24-48 hours for us to crawl the blog, then it would be *eligible* to show up in the following morning's Snapshot. We say *eligible* because news articles take precedence over blog posts, so if it is an active news day, it is possible your blog wouldn't show up in a Snapshot at all. 

We algorithmically choose the most relevant 15-20 articles, press releases, and blog posts to show for each and every recipient. One user for example might be following 100 large companies and the likelihood of them seeing any blog posts would be smaller than someone following 5 small companies. So even if you aren't seeing your blog posts in your Snapshot, others may in fact see them.

Also, anyone visiting your company profile on the web would indeed see all of your blog posts in the blog section. 


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