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How long until my blog appears in a Snapshot?
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Once a blog is submitted via "Update this Profile" and "Social Links" it can take up to 48 hours for us to crawl the blog. Once crawled, it will be eligible to show up in the following morning's Daily Snapshot for members who are following your company.


We say eligible for two reasons. First, because news articles are more heavily weighted and take precedence over blog posts. Second, because it also depends on the other companies a member is following. Every morning, we algorithmically choose the most relevant 15-20 articles, press releases, and blog posts to include in each and every Owler member's Daily Snapshot. One user, for example, might be following 100 large companies, so the likelihood of them seeing any blog posts would be low because large companies tend to show up in the news more often. Another member who is following a handful of smaller companies, on the other hand, would very likely see your blog post. 


So, even if YOU aren't seeing your blog posts in your Daily Snapshot, others may see them, depending on who else the follow and whether it is an active news day or not. 

Anyone visiting your company profile on the web would still be able to see all of your blog posts in the blog section. 


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