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Why are my competitors wrong?
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There are two likely reasons the competitors listed on your company profile don't match what you believe are your key competitors. 


First, Owler's competitive graph is a depiction of how our community sees your company in relation to the other companies displayed. If you feel you are not competing with these companies, our community's perspective of your brand may be different than what you intended. 


Second, Owler is made up of over 13 million companies, and the relationships between them are bi-directional. If the community tells us that a company that appears on your company's competitive graph is competitive with you, then it will show up on your profile as well. 


For example, Uber may not feel they are competitive with Grab, but if our community tells us that Grab is competitive with Uber, Grab will appear as a competitor on Uber's profile as well. 


You can always contribute to Owler's mapping of competitive relationships by answering competitor data cards on each company profile, or by submitting missing or alternative competitors underneath the top competitors we have listed.


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