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How to manage Owler Teams
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Once you purchase an Owler Team subscription, your assigned Admin will receive an email from us to set up your account. Once your admin has logged in to Owler, they will see a new tab on the bottom left called Manage Team. 



This will take you to Owler's new Admin tool. 

Inside the tool you will see in the top right how many users you can assign and how many have been assigned. To add a new user simply click Add User. 



This will generate a popup that asks you for the information we need to create a new user which is Email, First Name, Last Name, and whether you wish for them to also be an admin or not. Admins are able to add and remove users. Every team must have at least one admin at all times. 




Once you click Create, this user will receive a verification email from Owler to verify their account, then a set of onboarding emails to help them set up and find success with their Owler Team subscription. 



Once a user is added, you also have the ability to edit a user (Change in email address, assign admin abilities, or change in name) As well as delete them as a user. 



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