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How to Sync Salesforce to Owler
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If you have upgraded to include our Salesforce Integration, syncing Salesforce to Owler could not be easier! 


First you will want to make sure your membership level supports a Salesforce Sync integration. Some legacy Owler Pro accounts may have this capability built in, or you may have to purchase it separately or as part of an Owler Pro for Teams bundle.  


Next you will want to navigate to your Followed Companies tab, then scroll down past your followed companies until you see Sync from Salesforce. Next click Sync with Salesforce on the right. 



This will prompt you to login to your salesforce account. This is a simple OAuth certified link provided by Salesforce and is completely secure! 


Once you are logged in, Salesforce Companies will now appear at the top of the page when you're viewing your Followed Companies tab. You will now want to select a list view from Salesforce to pull into Owler Pro. To do this simply click on + Sync List next to Accounts, Leads, and or Opportunities, check the list view you wish to follow (you can only follow one at a time) then click Sync List at the bottom. 



This will automatically call to Salesforce and match any websites for Accounts and Opportunities, or email domains on leads to company profiles on Owler, and begin following them for you. 

Our Sync is dynamic and will stay up-to-date with your list view, so if you remove accounts or leads from Salesforce, they will also be removed from your followed list on Owler Pro. 

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