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How to delete your personal Owler Account.
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We are sorry to see you go, but there are two important things to note,


First you must cancel your Owler Plus or Pro subscriptions prior to deleting your account otherwise you will still be charged for the subscription even though your account has been deleted. You can read about how to cancel your subscription here.


Second, please note that Owler is a FREE service that has two paid upgrade options.


If you are a free user, your access is limited, but you will not be charged by Owler unless you upgrade. 


To get started, you will want to click on Me on the bottom left of your screen once logged into, Next you will want to make sure your email address is listed at the top and then click settings. Once in Settings, you will want to scroll to the bottom and click Delete Account, then confirm. 



Clicking this will remove you completely from 


You will no longer receive your daily snapshot or notifications from, or have access to our News, Company profiles, or Competitive sets. 


Thank you! 

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