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Why can't I unfollow a company?
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Salesforce sync over-rides the manual Follow button on, which is most likely why you are unable to unfollow the company.


If you are unable to unfollow a company, first you want to check to see how you are following them. Navigate to the Followed Companies tab. 



If at the top of this screen you see Salesforce Companies,



this means you have synced Salesforce to your Owler Pro account. Please ensure that the company you are unable to unfollow is not displayed in this list.

If it is, that means the company is being pulled in via your Salesforce list view and must be removed from that specific list view in Salesforce in order to unfollow on Owler. 


We always recommend you add "Website" to your displayed columns in your list view to ensure the correct website is linked to the account you are trying to follow. If you have a company's facebook profile, or their google review in the website field, our system will pull or instead of the company you intended.


Owler pulls companies from Salesforce list views based off website domains and email domains. 

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