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I haven't received any Instant Insights?
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There are several reasons why you may not have received any instant insights via email.


First, it is possible that the companies you are following have not had any of the news events that you've selected. (for example, if you only selected "new offices" you will only receive news about that topic, and won't receive instant insights about any of the other topics).


If you know one of your selected news topics did happen, but you have not received an email from Owler about it, you will want to check your Email Settings. 


First navigate to the Email Settings tab. Next, ensure that you have selected the instant insights you wish to receive from us, then click Update Settings to save your changes. 



If you are confident that a news event happened at a company you're tracking, but you still do not receive any instant insights about it, please start a chat with customer support in the bottom right of any page, or log a ticket! 

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