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How do I follow / unfollow companies?
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The fastest way to do this is on under the Followed Companies tab. 




On this tab under Your Followed Companies, you can use the top search bar to quickly search for new companies to follow. We recommend you search for a company by URL, but you can also search by company name. We will populate the closest match, and you can simply click "Follow" for any of the companies you wish to begin following.


You can unfollow any company that you don't want to follow anymore on this page by clicking the boxes to the left of the company names that you do not wish to follow anymore, and then clicking "Unfollow companies." 


Another very simple way to follow or unfollow companies, especially if you are just searching or browsing, is from a company's Profile page. Just click "follow" at the top right to begin following,



or clicking on the "following" button to unfollow. 




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