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User Getting Started with Owler Max & Salesforce
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User Getting Started Guide 


Step 1: Verify Your Email Address and Set Up Your Account.  


Welcome to Owler Max! We are so excited to get you set up and started with your new subscription! First, you will want to look for an email from [email protected] with the subject “Welcome to Owler!”

This email will include a link to verify your email address so that we know we have the correct one for your license. Please click Verify Email to get started. If you already have an Owler account, then when a license is assigned to your account, it will instantly be updated to Owler Max!

** Pro Tip ** Add [email protected] to your email safelist to ensure you receive all updates and insights from us in the future. 


  • Once your email is verified, we will take your right to and ask you to set up a password. Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters, have one uppercase and one lower case letter, and include at least one number. 


  • Once you have a password and click submit, you will be brought to the “Tell us about yourself” page. This page helps us with customization of your experience as well as helps your users and admin know who you are in the team management dashboard. Please fill in your first and last name, your employer (search by the website if not already selected), include your job function, and click Submit. 


  • ** To ensure your account is synced correctly, please let your Owler Customer Success representative know if your Salesforce Username and or Slack Username is different from your work email address. **


Step 2: Let’s Build a List and Send an Email! 


Now that you have access to your Owler Max license let’s build your first list and send an email! Owler can quickly sync and track important insights about companies you have in your CRM with the click of a button. 


  • To get started, click on Followed Companies in the left navigation bar. This will take you to your lists view, where all the companies you decide to track and follow on Owler are stored. You can build custom lists here for specific groups of companies you wish to track, keep saved searches here for advanced search results, and, most importantly, sync your CRM here. Click on your CRM name next to Saved Searches in the top right. 


  • Now you will want to click Sync List. As Salesforce is our first available CRM to integrate, This will pop up the options of Salesforce list views you have available to sync. We break it down into Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities. You can select as many list views as you would like, but each list is limited to 250,000 companies. Once you check the lists you wish to sync, click Sync at the bottom. Owler will begin matching your CRM accounts, leads, and or opportunities to the account profiles we have on Owler. This list will stay dynamically in sync every 6 hours, so if you remove companies or add new companies in salesforce, Owler will stay up to date for you. 


  • Once the Sync is completed (we can match about 1000 accounts and or leads a minute, so it may take a few minutes depending on your list size), a popup will ask if you would like to set up News Alerts. We will skip this for now by clicking Do It Later. 


  • You will now see your new list(s) displayed under the CRM tab. You can view the companies in each list by clicking see more on the right. 


  • The next thing we want to do is discover an event or insight that will help you write your first email! Now that we know the accounts you are looking to connect with, you will want to go to Newsfeed in the left navigation bar. The Newsfeed is a live ticker of all the news collected on the companies you are following. However, we give you the ability to sort and filter the news. 


  • First, you want to click on Select a List at the top. You will see that the list(s) you just completed syncing from your CRM will now be displayed as options. Choose any one that you would like and click save. You will see the newsfeed instantly filter to show news that is only related to the companies in your synced list you choose. This is a great space to stay informed on your leads, accounts, or opportunities, but you can take one additional step to strengthen your outreach even more. 


  • Now that we have a list selected click on Event Type. Owler currently tracks and tags 21 specific key insights across our company database to help sales professionals discover unique triggers to drive personalized outreach. Try choosing our most popular insights: Funding, Leadership Change, and Awards. You will see the news instantly sort to those specific triggers from most recent to historical. 


  • It’s time to send your first email! Looking at the list of filtered events, find a recent event that uniquely fits your product, service, or relationship with the company selected. Next, click the small arrow to the right of the headline to instantly open a new email in your default email client with the subject line and link to the article already populated for you. Next, you will want to add the contact you have for this company and begin to tailor the email around the event providing your prospect the opportunity to reply surrounding their input or experience with the event. 


You will find that response rates and interest in your emails will dramatically increase as you personalize your outreach and uniquely identify events that connect with your products, services, and relationships! 


Step 3: Now, Let’s Set News Alerts


With your CRM now synced and your key companies followed, Owler can deliver critical news alerts and events directly to you in various ways!

Email Alerts: 


  • First, let’s set up your email alerts. To get started, navigate to News Alerts in the left navigation bar. Here you will see three tabs at the top: Email, Tasks in Salesforce, and Slack Notifications. We will start by setting up your Email alerts.

  • The first section on this tab chooses how you would like to customize your Email Alerts. You can decide to aggregate all of your followed companies into a single list for news alerts, or you can choose to customize your news alerts to each individual list you have synced or created. To get the most personalized experience, we recommend that you customize your news alerts to each list.

  • Now you will want to choose your Email alerts! If you choose to aggregate your lists, you will see only two sections below. The first is Daily Snapshot.

  • Owler’s Daily Snapshot is a daily news email covering the last 3 days of news on all the companies you are following in each list. You can turn this on or off by checking the box next to Daily Snapshot, choose to receive a notice if there has been no new news, or expand the daily snapshot to include news from similar companies to the ones you are following. We use our competitive graph to expand this for you.

  • The second section is Owler’s Instant Insights. These are real-time alerts on any companies you follow in each list that you can select. When checked, we keep an eye on the accounts you are following and will send you an email any time the checked event happens concerning the companies you are following. These are incredibly useful to start relevant and relatable conversations with your leads and customers.

  • If you choose to customize email alerts for each of your lists, you will see each list as an expandable field, where you can choose to receive a daily snapshot or specific instant insights for each list. This allows you to tailor the news and insights based on the companies you are following! 


Tasks in Salesforce


Discovering why to reach out to your key accounts or leads is the most significant challenge for sales teams and is exactly why Owler Max is the best sales companion to help you drive success! With your list(s) synced from Salesforce, you now can push tasks directly into Salesforce on any Lead, Account, or Opportunity you are following to reach out and drive targeted conversations instantly.   


  • Navigate to the News Alerts section in the navigation bar to set up tasks. Once here, click on the Tasks in the Salesforce tab. 


  • Here you will see the list of all your synced Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities that you connected in Step 2. Each list will allow you to expand to see the Instant Insights you can push into Salesforce.

  • Once selected, Owler will create a new task on your lead, account, or opportunity in the status Not Started. It will include the company name, the event type, the article headline, and a link to the article to generate an outreach email directly from your Salesforce instance - easily. You can also have a list of events on every lead, account, and opportunity as you work with your prospects and accounts. 


Slack Notifications


The integration of Slack now gives you the ability to deliver critical business insights and instant alerts directly to your entire organization in an easy-to-digest and collaborative forum. Whether you want to track your leads, set up a feed for your company’s customers, or create a competitive tracking channel to keep an eye on your competitors launching new products, fundings, or events, Owler’s Slack integration has you covered! 


  • To begin sending News Alerts to Slack, you will want to navigate to the News Alerts section in the navigation bar. Once here, click on the Slack Notifications tab. 


  • Here you will have the ability to aggregate Slack notifications for all of your lists on Owler, or you can customize Slack notifications for each of your lists. We always recommend customizing each list to personalize your results. 


  • Now you will see your list(s) below. Each list will allow you to choose which instant insights you would like to deliver as a notification inside Slack. Each list will enable you to select what slack channel you would like to send the notifications to. 


  • For the Slack Channel, please click the dropdown and choose the channel you would like to send the notifications to. This will update in real-time, so if you need to add a new channel to Slack, you can add it in Slack, refresh this page, and see the new channel in the dropdown. You may have several lists all going to the same Slack channel if you would like. 


  • If you would prefer to receive private alerts, you can choose Direct Messages. 


  • Once you have a slack channel selected and your insights checked, you can click save changes, and we will get to work tracking and sending you notifications! 


Step 4: Let’s Discover & Follow New Prospects. 


Now that we have synced your existing leads, accounts, and opportunities and set up news alerts via email, Salesforce, and Slack, we want to find all the companies you don’t know about yet!

Owler has over 15 million company profiles across the globe that are easily filtered into the companies that best fit your target market. Let’s build a couple of prospecting lists together! 


Discover your best prospects


Prospecting can be difficult because you may not know the best companies to reach out to. Owler solves this by collecting millions of competitive relationships on the companies on Owler. 


  • To start building a prospecting list, look up your 10 best customers that you have recently sold to. 


  • Type their company website into the search bar and click on their Company Profile link. 


  • Once on their profile page, you will see tabs across the top click on the Competitors Tab. 


  • This is where we list the competitors of each company on If there are more than 15, you can scroll down and click Show More to display all the competitors available. Once all competitors are shown, scroll back to the top and click the checkbox next to Select to follow all companies, then click Follow Companies. This will open a small popup to add to an existing list or create a new list. Click Create New List and name it whatever you would like, then click Dismiss when asked to set up news alerts. 


  • Follow this same process for the remaining 9 best customers and you can either add them to the same list or create separate lists for each top customer and their competitors. 


  • Now that you have a list(s) of all your best customer’s competitors, you can easily use the Newsfeed, email notifications, or Slack notifications to receive targeted news alerts. These will help you strategically reach out to companies that would benefit from the exact solutions you are selling to your best customers and their competitors.

 This process will help you identify the low-hanging fruit throughout your territory and give you a strategic angle as you are already successful in their industry and with their competition.

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